Pakistani Street Style Food at “Desi Adda” it always happens to me, on days when I don’t have a big appetite, we end up at such a place where I cannot help but eat, eat, eat…

Last night, me, N and two other friends ended up at this cute little (when I say little, I mean LITTLE) restaurant called Desi Adda. This amazing restaurant opened 3 months ago by Irfan Shams, and  have already made it to the list of Top 10 Hidden Gems of Dubai 2017. They serve straight up Pakistani Street Style food, which almost takes you back to Pakistan with every bite.


As you can see, they have a limited menu, mainly Kababs, Chaat and their specialty, Biryani. The Bun Kababs were mouth-watering good, and the Biryani, had just the right amount of spice and taste, and was finger-licking good. The “desi” lemonade (Shikanji) is mixed with Black Salt and is simply refreshing. (Unfortunately, in between all this food, I forgot to take pics lol)

Desi Adda has just two tables and a bar with high chairs as seen in this picture below. Although, it’s a small space, Irfan has put in a lot effort into the decor, to give the place a funky and modern look. The walls are adorned with frames and posters all around. From old Lollywood/Bollywood movies, to iconic characters of cinema/music to “desi” memes of all sorts. Vital Signs, Mogambo, Raj Kapoor, you will find them all here. Even the restroom has a retro disco light installed.



So people of Dubai, head down to Desi Adda asap, and I would surely love to hear from you on how you liked the place and food

♥Desi Adda Address: Shop 3, Building P6, Damascus Street, Qusais, Dubai. Telephone: 04 2753169

Until next time



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