Eataly Arabia: The “Ciocco Sfoglia”


There’s always room for dessert!!

Eataly Arabia had first caught my eye in Dubai Mall thanks to all the Nutella jars that were being exposed. I was alone and thought I will come back with family or friends to try this place out but it can’t hurt to check it out. I went in, took a walk all around the restaurant and the little store they have that sells all the Italian goods. Some good feast for my eyes is all I will say. This was early 2016!!

Almost a year later, I found out Eataly opened up in Dubai Festival City. So, just recently, we (my husband and I) and some friends decided to go to there for dinner. Dinner was quite delicious and totally put us in a food coma. Okay, that means it was good!!!

Fast forwarding to dessert, we had the “Ciocco Sfoglia”.

The “Ciocco Sfoglia” (pictured revealed in the end) is heavenly. One tends to get selfish after a single bite. It’s dark chocolate coated hazelnut and caramel custard topped with an edible gold leaf and it’s reasonably priced at AED25 (come on, we’re all guilty of spending more than double the amount and not liking what we order :p)

In my head, I felt this dessert deserved a post of its own. People who know me, know that I’m not a big fan of caramel, I’m not, I’m just not! So, this coming from me is a big deal, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!


Until next time,



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