Palmer’s: Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Growing up in Dubai in the 90's, meant having your hair oiled on Thursday nights, sleep through the night with a towel covering your pillow (so you wouldn't get oil on it) and washing it off the next morning. Back then, there was a particular strong smell of coconut oil and I remember hating (literally … Continue reading Palmer’s: Coconut Oil Body Lotion


Eataly Arabia: The “Ciocco Sfoglia”

There's always room for dessert!! Eataly Arabia¬†had first caught my eye in Dubai Mall thanks¬†to all the Nutella jars that were being exposed. I was alone and thought I will come back with family or friends to try this place out but it can't hurt to check it out. I went in, took a walk … Continue reading Eataly Arabia: The “Ciocco Sfoglia”