L’OCCITANE: Almond “Amande Gourmande” Collection


L’OCCITANE is a brand that knows what ingredients are important and right to get good healthy hydrated skin… and not just ingredients, NATURAL ingredients.

The trend in the beauty world has changed a lot. We no longer look for good moisturisers, we look for good essential oils. Simply because, when the oils are massaged into the skin, the magic starts from the inside. I am always more prone to using more natural ingredients, which thankfully many skincare brands nowadays are promoting in their products.

One such ingredient I want to focus on is Almond Oil. Almond Oil is packed with antioxidants, high in vitamins A, B, D and E, contains protein, essential minerals and healthy fats – because of these ingredients, this oil is used as a skin care product to give the skin that soft, healthy glow as well as giving it a firm feeling.

And so, I recently got my hands on L’OCCITANE’s Almond or the “Amande Gourmande” Collection and my skin has been loving it to the max. The collection included: Shower Oil Cleansing and Softening, Almond Supple Skin Oil, Milk Soap, Almond Milk Concentrate and the Almond Delicious Hands. The mouth-watering names alone, speaks for the scrumptious scent these products have.

Almond Shower Oil
This shower oil serves as a shower gel or soap. Enriched with Almond Oil, which leaves my skin looking like satin and feeling very soft. The gentle and subtle scent of almond is very calming. Not only is this cleansing the body, but it’s also seeping through the skin to benefit your skin much more. The bottle has a pump which makes it easier to use. A highly recommended product and a good idea to gift for sure. Refills are also available for this product.



Supple Skin Oil and Almond Delicious Hands
Before applying the hand cream, I like to apply to supple skin oil on my hands. The oil locks in the hydration which lasts all day. Before discovering this amazing oil, I would always apply moisturizer every time I washed my hands with soap as it would wash off the moisturizer. Perfect size to carry around with you in your bag.







Almond Milk Concentrate
This wonder body cream just melts into my skin making it look smoother. It doesn’t stop there, it locks hydration for the next 48 hours. How amazing is that!!!



I have not gotten around to using the soap bar, because these products are more than enough for now. Amazing collection by L’OCCITANE and definitely a must have!!!

Visit the L’occitane luxurious flagship store located in The Dubai Mall near the Star Atrium or visit their facebook here. You can try all products in store before buying them.

♥ these products were received at a PR event. Opinions are my own!!



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