HASK Hair: Argan Oil Shampoo

Are you a girl who doesn’t let just-about-anybody touch your hair?
Well, you have landed at the right place.

You won’t believe this but it’s been 4 years since I’ve been in Dubai and I have gotten a hair cut twice. Yeah, i know, TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I’m a bit hesitant to let someone new touch my hair, because the two times I did, I wasn’t happy with the results.

My hair is super long and has started thinning a lot. I have colored hair, so conditioner is a MUST. With all that combined, I’m going through a mid-hair crisis. I love you Dubai, but this heat and water of yours is taking a major toll on my hair.


I started reading up a lot about hair care – good shampoos, hair vitamins and all that jazz. In the meantime, I received a package from Hask Hair with their Argan Oil hair line. I have been using Argan Oil shampoos in the past and they definitely made my hair softer and manageable and Hask does the exact same, only the softness lasts longer. Blow drying and hair straigtening is much easier and gives the hair a much softer look.

Although, I try not to use the same brand shampoo and conditioner as it makes my hair fall a lot. I did give it a try with these products, and I think it was just too strong for my hair to handle. Does that happen to any of you ladies or is it just me?

14796189_10154066472087075_1797048359_oI love the packaging as it gives a very Moroccan-ish look. The smell is a bit intense than other shampoos but don’t get intimidated by it. We are all used to pleasant smelling shampoos, I know!! It is thick in texture, so a little goes a long way. Did you know Argan Oil is also known as liquid gold. The oil is extracted from Argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is super rich in nutrients, which includes fatty acids and Vitamin E, to name a few. Very beneficial for hair and skin.

Overall, very impressed with these products and my hair looks and feels great!!! Hask Hair products are free of Sulfates and Parabens. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and shiny oils with ingredients of Macadamia Oil, Keratin Protein, Almond Oil, Bamboo Oil, Charcoal Oil, to name a few – something to choose from for all hair types!! Most Importantly – THEY DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!


Another reason to use Hask: these bottles can be recycled!!

♥Available in all leading supermarkets

Stay tuned for more.




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