Travel/Food Diaries: Suite Life… for a night!!

Online magazine competitions are so tempting. My husband and i always enter ourselves, and then we compete about who ends up with the best prizes. I’ll have to admit that he takes the cake every time. From a 3-month gym membership to Chicago Musical tickets to a one night stay at Amwaj Rotana in JBR and so much more in between. Shoutout to Ahlan Magazine who ran this competition on their website.

So, recently, he won a complimentary one night stay inclusive of dinner and breakfast. Life just got sweet!! We had until October 1st to use it, and so we waited till the last week on September, thinking the weather will cool down just a tad bit. AND IT DID, at least in that part of town lol


From the time I booked the stay until the time I checked out, the entire experience had been just wonderful. Booking the room took about 24 hours, but after that it was all a smooth ride. We checked in on a Saturday so it wasn’t very packed. From the lady at the reception to the room service guy, everyone was super friendly. We got there around 4:30pm, and without wasting much time, we changed and left to go to the pool area.



The room, as you can see, had a gorgeous view of the sea. We could see the beach, the walk half way down and a bit of the Palm, much nicer to look at, at night time of course. A bed that is comfortable enough to sleep in, is the important part. Usually I don’t fall asleep instantly in hotels but this bed was super comfy and I don’t know when I dozed off, probably some time in between my husband talking lol. They also have Wi-fi packages for all guests, but we got offered free wi-fi because we were only there for a night. Oh Rotana, you are setting a place in my heart already (my exact thoughts at the time)


We spent a few hours by the pool, and FYI, it was quite deep. I’m not a swimmer, but I enjoyed being by the edge the whole time :p

So Amwaj Rotana, if you ever read this, please reconstruct your pool to make one end a bit shallow. Thank you very much.


14697345_10154045425727075_808680941_oWe had made reservations for dinner at 8:30pm. It’s called JB’s Gastropub – it’s a pub/restaurant. The music playing was mainly 90s, which we loved, and the ambiance is very brown and has dim lighting. The decor was very creative.

14647175_10154045408897075_14329600_o 14646777_10154045419622075_1865580853_o


It was packed for a Saturday night, but the way their seating arrangements are, it didn’t feel very congested.


The menu is quite unique. More steak and sea food options. For all those wondering, they have an a la carte menu only. The meal was started out with a complimentary bread tray of bread, served with a pesto like dip. Now, who doesn’t like bread ?! It was delicious, but note to self: do not fill yourself with bread. The portions are quite generous at this place.


14697073_10154045415297075_1207095566_oFor appetizers, we ordered Drummies (chicken drumsticks) and Beef Chili and Cheese Sauce Fries. The chicken was a bit under cooked and the BBQ sauce was too overwhelming. The fries were good, as always.





For main course, we had Steak & Chips and the Famous Spiced Butter Chicken Curry. The steak was extremely delish and the butter chicken was again undercooked. The gravy was pretty decent.




14632728_10154045476747075_197334865_oFor dessert, we ordered the Warm Chocolate Torte and a non-alcoholic Cookies ‘n’ Cream milkshake. The Chocolate Torte is a gooey warm molten cake served with ice cream. Both super delicious.


The restroom decor at JB’s was very creative and funky. The bathroom walls are screaming and sending out positive vibes full of inspiration and motivation. You come out feeling like a whole new person (here’s a sentence I thought I’d never use) :p

14689161_10154046888462075_1428947674_o 14689266_10154045479412075_1298738913_o 14672804_10154045480502075_2002317816_o

Dining like kings was followed by a stroll on the JBR walk. The hotel resides at the end of the stretch, and so it was so peaceful and quiet. The next morning consisted of the usual breakfast buffet, some Jacuzzi time and then off to the pool for about 2 hours.

This blog post is not to brag about our free stay. It’s about the over-the-top service we got while paying nothing. Normally, what I have experienced, in the past, is when you have a complimentary voucher, or even when using a Groupon, Cobone or Entertainer voucher, etc., you don’t get the service as probably a paying customer would get. Correct me if I’m wrong please !! In this case, I was wrong.

All our queries and questions were taken care of in a timely manner. No one rejected any of our requests. It’s been a great experience. I got married in a Rotana hotel, so hands down the food is great, service is top notch, that’s really all that matters for me. Hope you guys check the hotel out and get to experience what I did – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

♥For hotel reservations, please call: -971 4 428 2000
♥For reservations at JB’s Gastropub, please call: +971 4 428 3084

Wishing everyone a Fab Wednesday!!






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