Eye Baggage..1, 2, 3 POOF!!

Who am I kidding with this title ?!?!
We all know it’s takes ages of care to treat dark eye circles.

Well, I have always struggled with dark eye circles, almost seems like I was born with them. I remember as a kid, my mom telling us not to cry because that would cause us to have eye circles. Clearly, it was much more than just crying. It’s practically in our genes -_-
It was so bad that people thought I was always..I repeat ALWAYS wearing eye shadow lol

Anyhoo, i tried all kinds of eye creams, from Kiehls to Garnier, from Clinique to plain old petroleum jelly. As much as I love these brands and products, they didn’t work for me. Garnier even had the cold metal ball tip which you would think would work but it just didn’t.


Lately, with all the Korean products hype going on in the beauty world of Dubai, I started researching eye serums and creams and came across a brand called LaiKou. It’s a Chinese brand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper website for it, but a lot of online shopping websites are selling the entire line of LaiKou. I used www.aliexpress.com since I have used them in the past.

I received my package after about 3 weeks and upon opening it, I was just blown away. The way the bottle is designed is quite unique and amazing. I always prefer a bottle with a pump over a tube. It has a separate pump for day use and night use. In the past, eye cream would be part of my night time moisturizing routine, but this product has made me moisturize the eye area during the day *thumbs up*


The day time eye gel is rosy pink in colour. The texture is very light and quick to absorb, makes applying makeup all the more easier. The fragrance is quite pleasant as well. The night time gel is white in colour with a creamy texture. The main ingredients are Essential Rose Oil and Shea Butter. Rose Oil/Water, as everyone knows, in general is very good for the skin. Two weeks into using this product, I felt my dark circles have become lighter. Not completely gone, but become pleasant to look at hehe. A product that definitely needed some spotlight.

Ladies, ever wonder why men don’t have dark eye circles?

**LaiKou Eye Cream can range from anywhere between $4-10, depending on the sellers on http://www.aliexpress.com

Have a great day!!



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