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Lounging around on a ho14360398_10153979060247075_1254685160_ot Friday evening and can’t decide where to go or what to do, results in making wrong decisions (just for that day). One such decision that evening was heading to No. 3 in Box Park in Al Safa.

No. 3 is a recent addition to the Dubai food scene. There has been a lot of hype about this place all over social media. So it was definitely on the list of restaurants to check out.

I think for any restaurant beyond the Satwa/Jumeirah 1, a certain level of service and quality needs to be maintained. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but at least should be above average. For an eating joint located in Box Park or on that stretch, for that matter, you would expect waiting time (that too on a Friday night), good food and of course more importantly, GOOD SERVICE. To our surprise, we found parking instantly right behind the block of the restaurant *thumbs up*, we didn’t have to wait at all and the food… well, you will have to read further to find out 😉

14384261_10153979060442075_683694073_n 14393409_10153978987587075_177016253_o

I personally love Box Park and the idea of using shipping containers as little stores and restaurants is brilliant. No.3 is a cute little restaurant. The tables are spray-painted, road signs, quotes hanging and very colorful decor.

We walk into an empty restaurant. Our super-friendly server was super nice and friendly to us until she discovered we will be using Entertainer Vouchers for our dinner.Fun Fact: Everytime I’ve used a Groupon or Entertainer voucher, the service goes from “Amazing” to “Below Average”. I don’t think it’s being cheap. It’s actually a smart decision. You want to try out the cuisine before paying full price.

14274299_10153979061022075_2000124109_o 14384025_10153979061142075_1668591939_n

Getting back to the food, the portions are quite reasonable for the price. We ordered Mozzarella Sticks, Mozarrella Beef Burger (the most selling item on the menu) and Chicken/Beef Burger Sliders (clearly the menu is limited to mostly burgers). We got our food within 15 mins, but had no plates and utensils. They came along with our main course, and by that time, our starters had gone cold. The taste of the food was good, but because everything came all cold, we didn’t enjoy it so much. That is probably because the place is blasting with Air.


For dessert, we ordered Brownie Surprise. The brownie was a bit hard, and honestly, the presentation could have been a little better. It seems like everything was just thrown onto the plate, when in fact, it just looked messy. Once again, the spoons had to be requested.

I’m not very hard to please. Food doesn’t have to taste so amazing for me to appreciate, but when food gets cold and hard, I don’t think anyone would enjoy. Sorry, No.3, but I may just give you a second chance, or chance No.3 might work perhaps :p

Boxpark Dubai
Al Wasl Road
Tel: +971 4 331 0900



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