An Honor Killing..?!? | Qandeel Baloch

I know I’m a bit late, but I still feel I should voice my opinion.

For me, Qandeel Baloch caught my attention during the T20 cricket matches. She had announced she will do a strip dance if Pakistan won the cricket match against India. It was amusing to see she could go this far to get attention. Practically speaking, we all knew she wouldn’t get a chance to strip lol

Memes were being created about her, videos were being shared on Facebook groups and discussions were taking place.

We are all humans, we tend to judge at time, I do. Even though I shouldn’t. I am no one to. We are no one to judge anyone. But I wasn’t the sort of person who would watch her videos and then pass comments. I didn’t think her videos were inappropriate, I simply thought she was an attention seeker.

On facebook groups, her videos were constantly being posted, and women would write things like “why isn’t she dead” “what a disgrace, she has no shame” “do you even have parents?” etc. Waise in khawateen ke paas time nahi hota, but kisi aur larki ki burai karni ho toh time hi time nikal aata hai. She was being judged because she did what she did openly. We can do a 100 things in the dark, but it will not make us a saint. Besides, it was people like us, who liked her page, shared her videos and cursed her out. We egged her on!!!

There is no honor in such a killing. This is a result of illiteracy. The only way to “keep your honor” is by killing? Yes. No second chance? Hell No. Seriously? You are not God, so please stop acting like one. Let Him take care of life and death. No one deserves such a death.

There was more focus on what wrong she was doing, but let’s put a spotlight on the things she actually did.. for her family. Getting her sister married off, bought her parents a new house, to name a few. She took care of her parents. I don’t know why, but in our society, the bad overtakes the good any day. Why can’t we look at the positive side of things?

Check out Junaid Akram’s very well said view on this whole incident.

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