DIY (Tried & Tested) | Microwave Cleaning


I love DIY* so much. I can DIY for a living if I could. I came across this amazing article about microwave cleaning and wanted to give it a try. The ingredients were in my pantry, so a big thumbs up right there. Lemons, Water and Vinegar. 5 minutes later, a super clean microwave with a lemon-y scent. Score!!

I will post the article link below, but just to summarize: I cut up a few lemons in slices, threw them in a bowl of water and vinegar. Placed it in the microwave for 5 mins (recommended time: 5-10 mins). Removed it and wiped down the microwave with a clean damp cloth. Microwave Clean. No scrubbing. No chemicals. Happy Me!

I came across the article on via Pinterest. Her name is Maria and she is into the whole DIY concept, decor makeovers, cleaning tips, tricks & hacks, etc. I find myself on her page a lot for ideas.

Click here for the detailed article by

*DIY – Do it Yourself
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