Things I learned from Amjad Sabri and Edhi Sahab

This Ramadan has been quite emotional. For me. For Pakistan. For the people of Pakistan. Recently, our nation faced significant losses of two major legends of Pakistan, one being the famous Qawwal, Amjad Sabri and one being the famous humanitarian and our national hero, Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Amjab Sabri Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab

I think it’s safe to say Amjad Sabri used his fame, money and power towards good cause. Fame can keep one grounded and humble. You always need that one person to show the world that a difference can be made. The amount of love everyone has shown over social media and otherwise is remarkable. People who were lucky enough to meet Edhi Sahab were posting pics about how warm and humble the man was. His journey through it all to make Edhi Foundation stand high and strong. Amjad Sabri’s music and voice went deep inside and really touched your soul. It’s a proud feeling that they both belonged to Pakistan and even more so, knowing they were admired, loved and cherished by tremendous amounts of people, other than Pakistanis. Proud because they belonged to Pakistan and sad because they are no longer amongst us. It’s high time, we, as Pakistan, need to unite as a nation and try to carry on the legacies they both have left behind. A little goes a long way. Every penny/paisa/cents counts.

My facebook newsfeed was flooded with Amjad Sabri’s last Sehri transmission appearance, where he cried. It made a lot of people angry/sad. But the articles and posts about Edhi Sahab really had me thinking about a lot of things, which I will be sharing with you.

  1. They lived simple lives (Keyword: Humble)
    Amjad Sabri lived in a not so fancy area, called Liaquatabad, in Karachi. With all the hard earned money, he could have easily lived a luxurious life but he lived in the very same house where his family lived while he was growing up.
    Edhi Sahab also lived a simple life with basic necessities. He lived in a room with no window that was attached to this foundation’s office, he was happy with just two sets of clothes, his room had only a sink and one hot plate. First Task: Stay humble and grounded.

    Reading all this, I can never be anywhere close to what they have done for our people. I am embarrassed to say that every time I go to the mall, I want something new. For my house. For myself. Things I don’t even need. I have clothes hanging in my closet with tags on them and I still want more. It all made me think of people who don’t even have the basics of life, and I will, inshallah, be donating clothes to them.
    Second task: Time for a closet cleanup.

  2. Be more Active and Giving (in the community)
    It is quite impressive to know Edhi Sahab started his foundation and took it to greater heights, with nothing in his hand. He begged for money on the streets to buy a van, which was converted into an ambulance to save lives. His foundation never refused anyone, regardless of whether they could accommodate them or not. All donations that come to the foundation are used towards the great charitable cause.
    Amjab Sabri, used his fame and money, to help the people in need. He helped fund numerous medical operations, marriages and also just to run a home. How many celebrities do we know who that on a regular basis (I’m sure there are, just that I have not heard of any)

    When I go to Pakistan, I see a lot of kids, women and now, drags, asking/begging for money. You give to one, and then to the second, and out of nowhere, you see several approaching you because they see you giving money. At first, it was annoying. But, you know what, now I feel I should give for the sake of Allah. I shouldn’t assume they are working for some organizaton that hires kids and women to go out and beg. We spend thousands on clothes, shoes, etc, why not give it to someone who needs it more than us, perhaps, for a meal? Third Task: A little bit goes a long way, keep giving to people in need as Sadqa.

  3. Believe in yourself
    Edhi Sahab set out on the streets to beg and collect money to start his journey towards humanitarianism. He single-handedly started the Edhi Foundation, which is now Pakistan’s largest welfare organization. He was a true example of “you can do anything if you put your heart into it”. His hard work and efforts really paid off. Alhamdulilah.

    I always think of what might be in the long run. If I start something, how will it end up down the line. This is probably the reason why I have not done things I’ve always wanted to do. Majboori is one thing, but when nothing is holding you back, there should be no excuse. I will start believing in myself, and do things I want to do. Fourth Task: Make your dreams come true.

The more I read, the more I will learn, and there is so much to learn still.
Let’s be more selfless with our actions, and make a difference in our community.



2 thoughts on “Things I learned from Amjad Sabri and Edhi Sahab

  1. Aleena says:

    good read!! i was a huge fan of Amjad and was able to call him a friend of the family. I wrote an article on how his death represents the growing tensions of sectarianism in islam. if u have a chance id love for you to read it 🙂


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