Event: Lipstick Masterclass at TishTash

We all say “It’s a man’s world” but today at Tish Tash HQ, it was truly a woman’s world.

I had the opportunity to attend a Lipstick Application Masterclass at the Tish Tash Headquarters. It was hosted by Tish Tash and celebrity makeup artist Sarah Jane Thompson and all the lip products used were by “Lipstick Queen”.

A little about the Tish Tash headquarters. The office is super cute with a pink, white and black decor. It has a homely cozy feel to it with the comfy couches and arm chairs. Flowers in vases, candles, and chocolates everywhere. There are inspirational quotes all over the place. Being there makes you feel so powerful as a woman lol. Can’t wait to go back again.

The class was started with an intro about the genius behind Lipstick Queen. Her name is Poppy King and she is from Australia. At the age of 18, she created her own line of lipsticks, which is very impressive. She has worked with famous brands, such as NARS and Estee Lauder, to name a few, and helped them create/recreate their line of lipsticks. Now, she has her own line of lipsticks called Lipstick Queen.


Lipstick Queen’s lipstick range includes lip tints, liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, lip liners, treatment lipsticks, etc. All the products contain hydrating ingredients, such as moisturizing oils, vitamin E, olive oil, etc. keeping your lips hydrated at all times.

Sarah Jane is a makeup artist based in Dubai. She was an MUA for most Hollywood movies shot in Dubai. Besides that, she does a lot of fashion, television, etc. She started the class by doing demos. Me and another girl were chosen to be the lip models. She did a plumy pink on me and created a Kylie Lips on the other girl, providing with step by step instructions on how to do lips, from starting with a lip scrub, applying lip liner and lipstick, getting that perfect yet sexy pout, how and when to highlight the lips, and ended by sharing great tips and tricks to keep the lipstick intact for hours.

Keeping the session interactive, we got to play around with the Silver Screen collection, the Velvet Rope Collection (to die for btw) and the Sinner Collection. We got some one on one attention by Sarah, giving us suggestion on what lip colors would suit best on us, based on our skin color. For me, that was some vital information, because I, at times, always try to rock colors that probably don’t suit me lol.

Lipstick Queen is available at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall.

PC: Henna Saleem (me)



3 thoughts on “Event: Lipstick Masterclass at TishTash

  1. Vivaciouslifestylin says:

    What an amazing experience. Did you get a goodie bag? Those colors look gorgeous, right up my alley. The creator sounds like such a smart business woman.


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