Event: Lipstick Masterclass at TishTash

We all say "It's a man's world" but today at Tish Tash HQ, it was truly a woman's world. I had the opportunity to attend a Lipstick Application Masterclass at the Tish Tash Headquarters. It was hosted by Tish Tash and celebrity makeup artist Sarah Jane Thompson and all the lip products used were by … Continue reading Event: Lipstick Masterclass at TishTash


Intezar, Magar Pyar Se at Truck Adda

A recently opened Pakistani restaurant in town, located at the beginning of Jumeirah. Truck Adda: a Pakistani Truck Art themed Dhaba-like Restaurant. I am quite fascinated by the Pakistani Truck Art decor. The little lantern decorations, to the baby chairs, and everything in between is truck art infested. After many failed attempts, we finally decided … Continue reading Intezar, Magar Pyar Se at Truck Adda