Saks Hair and Beauty | Sheer Bliss !!

64bf62cd8933fd80a3b717f08d2a49aaAre you one of those girls’ that sleep with their makeup on, on most days or don’t have the energy to wash your face at the end of the night just because? Guilty for sure!! I try to be good with beauty cleansing regularly but occasionally I slack off, a lot. But what I do love, though, is getting pampered. Who doesn’t?

I’m always looking for great recommendations, especially when it comes to salons. I prefer buying online deals as I like to try out new salons and what it is that they have to offer that’s best. I prefer paying half the price and checking out their services. Some salons have left me in total regret, and some salons have left me in total awe. One such salon, would be Saks Salon, located in The Palace Downtown Hotel.

My sister had, recently, gotten a basic skin cleansing facial at Saks Salon. My sister highly recommended the place as she couldn’t stop talking about how great she felt and how her skin feels and looks great. Plus, they used Dermalogica products. So, that was a second check for me. More importantly, she got the facial through a online deal. I have noticed in a lot of places, that when you pay with deal vouchers, you don’t get the same treatment as someone who will come and pay the full price. I bought myself a voucher..YAY!!

I get to Saks Salon for my facial appointment, and it felt good not to have a feeling of doubt and uncertainty. The staff was very professional and friendly and the place was extremely clean, which I liked. Joy, who did my facial, explained to me what the whole treatment consists of. She analyzed my skin, and gave me her recommendations on which products of Dermalogica to use. Dermalogica is used in most salons as they are great for all skin types, and the chances of breakouts are less. She started my facial, and kept me in the loop with what products she is using, and what it does to the skin. I’m not gonna lie, I feel asleep half way through lol.

I’ve gotten facials in the past, but I never walked out with a feeling of freshness and my skin feeling soft and clean. It was probably THE best facial I had for AED99. Who is doing your treatment makes a huge difference, than what products are being used on you. The facial followed by a heavenly 15 mins head and shoulder massage. Would you blame me for not wanting to leave?

If you ever want to treat your skin with some TLC, Saks Salon is the place to go. They are located in The Palace Hotel, Downtown. To make an appointment, you can contact them on 04 430 8572

**Voucher was purchased from Yalla Banana (



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