En Vogue Beauty Center | Got my hair did!!

This was possibly the worst hair salon appointment EVER. I’ve always been the girl who goes for a hair cut right before an occasion or a vacation, with hopes of getting a 2 inch trim, and end up getting a shoulder length cut. Hair stylists tend to act like they own my hair and can do anything they want with it.

Coming back to Dubai, with the crazy heat, I don’t like to blow dry or straighten my hair. All my efforts go to waste when I step out in the humid sauna that we call, our home, lol. A girlfriend of mine suggested Keratin as she gets it done all the time and it looks super good.

One thing I like doing, is trying out new places, and I always look into Groupon and Cobone for such deals. I’d rather try it out without paying the full price and end up not liking something, than end up paying full price and not liking it. Uhhh, I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I came across a deal on Cobone by En Vogue Beauty Center located in JBR. I thought, wow, JBR, they must be good. I was under the impression that New Dubai has the best of everything. But who knew I was in for a biggest surprise than just “good”. The details of the deal are listed below. Please do tell me your thoughts on the deal below.


I sent the deal to my girlfriend, and she was all up for it thinking the same as me, so we bought it, booked out appointments and headed there. I forgot to print out my voucher and realized that as we were standing outside. We get to the reception and I mentioned that I have not printed out my voucher. I saw a printer in the back and asked her if I could e-mail her my voucher and she can print it out. She had flat out refused in an extremely rude manner. The entire salon is empty, so she couldn’t have been that “busy”, which is the excuse she gave btw.

We finally get seated, and are approached by our assigned hairstylists. We got asked questions about what we wanted to get done, from colour to cut to keratin, etc. We told them we wanted, and had to wait 15-20 minutes. They get back to us saying we needed to pay an additional AED800-1300 to get all our services done. Basically, we either pay or we don’t get the services. We said to give us a few minutes to decide. After a few, we noticed they started to get quite irritated and began saying “miss, can you please decide what you want. Otherwise I’ll take another customer”. If you are a “Hollywood Trained” hairstylist, you shouldn’t be running to fetch customers, they should come to you.

I didn’t want to pay anything extra on top of my voucher because at this point, they already seemed dodgy and nasty. I understand there were additional charges for hair longer than 18″ (my hair is quite longer than 18″) .. i asked them to cut it up to 18″ but they insisted that I shouldn’t and “haraam. don’t. wallah” – and they talked me out of it. My girlfriend wanted to cut her hair 2 more inches, he refused and ended up cutting just half an inch. In short, they wouldn’t do anything we asked them to do, simply because they were NOT making any additional money off of us.

What I got out of my deal was a hair trim (consisted of a total of 3-snips), root colour, nail colour (not a mani) and a hair mask. **Note to self, please carry AED3.6k if you want good customer service at En Vogue Beauty Center. A definite thumbs down.



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