Pakistani Street Style Food at “Desi Adda” it always happens to me, on days when I don't have a big appetite, we end up at such a place where I cannot help but eat, eat, eat... Last night, me, N and two other friends ended up at this cute little (when I say little, I mean LITTLE) restaurant called Desi Adda. This … Continue reading Pakistani Street Style Food at “Desi Adda”


Palmer’s: Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Growing up in Dubai in the 90's, meant having your hair oiled on Thursday nights, sleep through the night with a towel covering your pillow (so you wouldn't get oil on it) and washing it off the next morning. Back then, there was a particular strong smell of coconut oil and I remember hating (literally … Continue reading Palmer’s: Coconut Oil Body Lotion

L’OCCITANE: Almond “Amande Gourmande” Collection

L'OCCITANE is a brand that knows what ingredients are important and right to get good healthy hydrated skin... and not just ingredients, NATURAL ingredients. The trend in the beauty world has changed a lot. We no longer look for good moisturisers, we look for good essential oils. Simply because, when the oils are massaged into … Continue reading L’OCCITANE: Almond “Amande Gourmande” Collection

Herbal Essentials: Skincare Analysis at their kiosk

Herbal Essentials is a brand that has been around since 2008. It's an Ayurvedic skincare brand with products formulated by Himalayan Spring Water, All-Natural, Alcohol-Free and Cruelty-Free. Some major natural ingredients used are Neem, Rosemary Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, etc. HE has always been available in leading pharmacies across UAE and now..   ..they have opened their … Continue reading Herbal Essentials: Skincare Analysis at their kiosk